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Comic 18 - Christmas Choir Collab drawing

Christmas Choir Collab drawing
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29th Aug 2016, 9:35 PM
So I never uploaded this, but here's what I submitted months ago for the Christmas choir collab. Not that Christmas-y, but hey, rhythm game forms :D
Also, to show that this site is for things other than fanart.

Can you guess all the references? :3


So let's see here...Nintendo has Ouendan, Rhythm Heaven, and probably some Wii Music (or something where you can use the Wiimote as a microphone) whereas Sony brings Guitar Hero, Parappa, and (as a gift from the group's strategist, Koei) Gitaroo Man. Not sure if what's on his shirt is also a reference.

Not sure if Valve actually has anything, but a Steam Sale definitely is music to gamers' ears.

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For Nintendo: yep, you're right, though I never intended the Wiimote to be a game reference. Also, there's one more ref... a game similar to Ouendan...
Sony is also right, and the shirt is indeed a reference - Um Jammer Lammy.
And Valve just has the steam sale, yeah x3

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